Monday, September 8, 2008

Claiming New Territory

Abuse bludgeons our acceptance of ourselves. Shame, false guilt, and ugly words tear at our perceptions of our value. Even after leaving abusive relationships of the past, I've needed to work on accepting myself.

I Will be Myself

by Tanya T. Warrington

I will not accept their words

Deep into my soul;

I am not selfish for stating my needs,

I am not too sensitive for feeling the pain of abuse,

I am not small simply because others took from me

I am me, after all, no matter what is said;

I am a caring person, who has been a victim,

I am a courageous soul, who has separated herself from abuse,

I am a maturing child of God, who isn’t done growing

I’m going to feel my own feelings

Even when someone tries to tell me I’m wrong,

I’m going to think carefully and trust myself

Even when others try to rush me,

I’m going to soar above my past

Even when others try to put me back in chains

I can’t change them, I know it is true,

But I can change my own thinking;

I can celebrate my healing,

I can accept who I am--

I’m ready to just be me,

Without paying heed to the old voices telling me I can’t--

Today, I will be myself

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