Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Blues

Father's Day Blues
by Tanya T. Warrington

Tragic and happy memories collide
Leaving me blue.
Vacations, gardening, and holiday fun
And hurtful words and sexual advances
All tumble together like a load in a dryer

How much better it might have been
If only...
But ifs didn't happen
It's so sad, really sad

I can see it clearly now
The unhappy years
of bowing to fear
controlled, always controlled
pushed and pulled to meet his needs
Thankfully, it is all so long ago

Sometimes the best way through sadness is to look at it and give it a space to be, before returning to embracing the joys in life and holding onto blessings. Our heavenly Father, is so different than an out-of-control earthly father. He understands our pain and can carry us through to new days that include eternal hope and loving care.

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