Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving a Priceless and Pleasing Gift

Years ago I wrapped an empty shoebox in birthday paper and cut a slit opening on the top. Its tag read: To Jesus Christ.

My idea was twofold. The box under our Christmas tree would help our children grasp that it was the coming of Christ as a baby that we were celebrating. And the slit on the top would be for index cards. Each family member has written a phrase on the card each Christmas about what they'd like to give to their Lord during the following year and put it into the box.

I already know what I will write on this year's card. I will give my Lord my willingness to continue to do whatever it takes to further my healing from childhood incest. The work is painful and sometimes I feel like calling it quits. But I will press on knowing that it is the right time-- the God-blessed time for me to heal.

I look forward to when my memories won't haunt me. When I won't feel shame at being noticed in any public setting. When I won't crave and then push away from deeper connection with people due to trust and shame issues. It will be so good to look at others without shame and to trust the trustworthy people with confidence.

How about you? What would you like to give to Jesus Christ in 2010? Is it going to be a year of continued healing from abuse?

Whatever season you are in remember that Immanuel (meaning God with us) is with you. He knows. He cares. He can help you. He can empower you by the Holy Spirit to do healing things that may seem impossible to you. He can do more than we even dare to imagine.

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